Launch of a New Product Line: Secondary Catheter Securement Device

Mighty Well creates comfortable as well as functional apparel and accessories for people living with medical devices, such as PICCs, midline catheters, infusion chest ports, and feeding tubes.  Mighty Well uses innovative fabric and closure technologies so patients can protect their medical devices — thus reducing healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes.  We are excited to share that Mighty Well is now an FDA-registered designer of medical wearable products!

Our latest product launch is the PICCPerfect® Pro – Secondary Catheter Securement Device (Patent Pending).  This product has been requested by doctors and nurses from top US hospitals, including Boston’s Children’s Hospital and Mass General Hospital, to address two common issues:

  • unscheduled dressing changes – dressings become damaged, requiring nurses to replace PICC dressings ahead of schedule and increasing costs for the hospital
  • dislodgement – catheters become dislodged due to patient activity which can be dangerous to the patient and require additional care at the hospital

These issues are costly, decrease patient satisfaction, and can impact patient health and safety.

More on the importance of auditing catheter dislodgement here.

The PICCPerfect® Pro was designed to bring your patients comfort and dignity, and may help prevent dressing issues and catheter migration through its many great features:

  • patented fabric — antimicrobial, anti-odor, moisture-wicking, and incredibly soft
  • double-layer design — protects dressing changes and keeps PICC from touching patients’ sensitive skin
  • variety of sizes and colors — for comfort, style, and confidence
  • three access sites — for single, double or triple lumens to increase versatility 
  • adjustable velcro strap — for added security

Interested in how this product could improve care for your patients?  Reach out to Mighty Well at to inquire about getting PICCPerfect® Pro in your hospital. 

Check out the PICCPerfect® Pro on our website for more features and information!

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